Bringing Things To Light

Why Are You Shy

Sometimes we carry the feelings of the past inside ourselves, not willing to accept it or express it. 'Why are you shy' is a conversation I had with myself, because of a recent incident and many such incidents that I... Continue Reading →


"I'm in charge of how I feel And today I'm choosing happiness." So I was talking to an online friend of mine today and for the first time I was so pissed off at him. Yes I know a girl... Continue Reading →

Diary 22 April, 17

The following is a page from my diary which I wrote on 22nd April. There are people whom you love so dearly, you could do anything for them. Yet the time, place, birth and probably everything prevents you from meeting... Continue Reading →

World Hug Day

So, I just read it in the newspaper that today is World Hug Day and I thought it was the perfect time to post the things I had written just this week's Monday (16 Jan). Read on to see what... Continue Reading →


There are times when I'm totally bored of my life even when I know I've got so many things to do. I do not know how to do my projects with enjoyment since I haven't even started yet. The maths... Continue Reading →

Source of One’s Beauty

  "The source of nature's beauty┬álies in its mystery, not in its familiarity" This is something I've read in one of the books from which i was studying for exams. It was referred to a poem called 'Stopping By The... Continue Reading →

Astrology -A Rumour

We all have heard about rumours and we all know it spreads from one person to another through various ways. Lots of people on the basis of that rumour, start judging others. Though sometimes it may turn out to be... Continue Reading →

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